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List Description
50001seaps 50001seaps - European public mailing list for energy management
Aaa-test-list [no description available]
Advisors.ko Korea Office - Advisors list
Africa-members Africa Secretariat - Regular update for ICLEI members
Biofuels-net Biofuel Cities European Partnership - Participants
Buyzet BuyZET project communication group.
Buyzet.observers [no description available]
Canada-news ICLEI Canada's E-Newsletter mailing list.
CCP-EU-Adaptation CCP Europe Adaptation mailing list
Ccp-europe-net CCP Europe mailing list
Ccp-maryland [ICLEI US Office]
Ceppi_eu Mailing list for partners involved in the CEPPI project.
Compras-verdes CPS Brasil (Sustainable Public Procurement)
Construcao-sustentavel Projeto Politicas de Construcao Sustentavel (PoliCS) Covenant capaCITY - European public mailing list for energy and climate Covenant capaCITY project partner mailing list
Covenant.trainers Covenant capaCITY- mailing list for European/country capCITY trainers on energy and climate
Cps-bahia Grupo de Trabalho do Projeto Compras Públicas Sustentáveis no Estado da Bahia
e-News ICLEI e-News
ECCENTRIC-observers ECCENTRIC Observer Cities Group mailing list
EcoMobility.Alliance.Members Members of the Global Alliance for EcoMobility
EcoMobility.Alliance.Steering.Group Members of the Steering Group of the Global Alliance for EcoMobility Members of the Deputy Steering Group of the EcoMobility Alliance
Ecomobility.shift [no description available]
German-city-contacts-net ICLEI City Contacts (Germany)
Glcn-on-sp Mailing list for the participants of the Global Lead City Network on Sustainable Procurement.
Gpptraining Mailing list for the GPP training toolkit contract
Honyaku-japan Japan office - for translators
ICLEI-Europe-Adaptation ICLEI Europe Adaptation
Innobrokers Mailing list for the InnoBroker project partners. Communication among the project consortium for the INNOCAT project (on procurement of eco-innovative catering services).
International-ccp ICLEI staff - update on climate change isues
Lab-other Local Action for Biodiversity - Regular update for LAB contacts
Lab-participants Local Action for Biodiversity - Regular/weekly update for participants
Lg-action-net LG Action - European mailing list on climate and energy
Lgghgprotocol-list Listserv for the International Local Government Greenhouse Gas Local Government Advisory Workgroup.
Local.climate.roadmap-net Regular update on Local Government Climate Roadmap
LR-cities Local Renewables - city contacts
Mayorsinaction Mayors in Action - European public mailing list for Coordinators and Supporters of the Covenant of Mayors and their partners.
Member-japan Japan office - For full and associated members and relevant parties
Member-liaisons ICLEI Liaisons
Member-mayors ICLEI Mayors
Members-net European members
Membership.ko Korea Office - Membership list
Membros-brasil Membros Brasileiros ICLEI - Governos Locais pela Sustentabilidade
Neccp Northeast- US CCP members
Ngo.gppnetwork Mailing list for participants of the European NGO network on GPP
Peclima_pe Discussion list for the SCCP Project including Bulletin's Mailing-list
Polics-list [no description available] Grupo de Trabalho sobre Energia e Madeira (PoliCS - BH) Grupo de Trabalho sobre Saneamento e Residuos Solidos (PoliCS - BH)
Procuraplus Procura+ European Sustainable Procurement Network participants and strategic partners mailing list
Procuraplus_info Procura+ Information Service - Information and discussion on sustainable and innovative public procurement
Rede.Elo-cidades Rede.Elo - Cidades
Resilient-communities-net [no description available]
Rijikai Japan office - For Japanese Executive Board Members in Japan.
Sci-network [no description available]
Seikaiin Japan office - Full members only
Seminar-japan Japan office seminar participants.
Sp-team Info ICLEI staff - Sao Paulo, Brazil
Spl-list-anz Sustainable Public Lighting Project - A/NZ
spp-regions Mailing list for the SPP Regions project partners
Teso [no description available]
Test-test [no description available]
Test-test-test [no description available]
Unei Japan office - Japanese Steering Committee Members.

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